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Observations - Dan the Serene
February 3rd, 2008
08:14 pm


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I don’t care about the super bowl much, but I am pleased to note that Darrell Green and Art Monk have made it to the hall of fame. Darrell Green is probably my favorite player of all time, for his activities on and off the field. He is the Cal Ripken Jr. of football. Like Cal, it is unlikely that another player will ever be quite the same as these men.

I tried to start the LT today, only to find that the battery was completely flat. Chris came over and we went out to lunch then went to get a battery charger. We took the battery out and it is recharging in the basement [1].

I had a tentative plan to get together with my friend Big Jon this evening. Unfortunately, I got caught up in working with Chris to get the LT back in motion and it took too long. I called Jon to tell him I couldn’t make it, and found out that his sister [2] had arranged a super bowl party for tonight so we’re better off getting together another time.

[1] I wrote this earlier in the evening, projecting forward. Due to a change in his plans we aren’t doing it today. He’s planning to come over tomorrow during the day to take care of it.

[2] Jon’s youngest sister lives with him to help him with his daughter since his wife has been in a coma since giving birth two and a half years ago. That would take a whole separate entry to explain in detail.

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