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Playing hooky - Dan the Serene
August 8th, 2008
11:02 pm


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Playing hooky
My friend Karen is in the Army and she is transferring to the west coast soon. Today was my last chance to have her to myself before the craziness of the move fully kicks in, so I played hooky so we could spend the day riding my motorcycles [1].

I rode the LT (the big one) and she rode the GS. We went to Skyline Drive and had a blast. Rt. 211 from Sperryville to Thornton Gap (about seven miles each way, lots of curves, about 1100-1200 feet in elevation change) was so much fun we did it a couple times plus I did it once on the GS.

There was also lunch at Five Guys in Warrenton.

A couple photos here.

[1] Karen has a license but no bike for now.

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