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A bachelor sort of weekend - Dan the Serene
January 4th, 2009
01:37 pm


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A bachelor sort of weekend
I'm a giving guy, so much so that I gave Penny the cold I had last week. While she's home sleeping it off I've been doing a couple things to pass the time.

Yesterday I got together with Chris and went down to Gander Mountain to spend a gift certificate he'd received. I should just say that he and I should not be allowed in there unsupervised. I'll post pictures later.

Today I picked up Karen's car to drive it around for a bit. She put me on the insurance while she is in Iraq so I could take it out once a month. I was able to multitask by taking a CD of photos I took at their wedding out to Beth & Spencer's. I took the Greenway out and the back roads home. Not a bad way to get around.

For the afternoon, I plan to walk the dogs, watch some football, and go to the gym.

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