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Another great weekend - Dan the Serene
June 8th, 2009
08:09 pm


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Another great weekend

Two dinners with different friends, lots of motorcycling, Penny trying the LT, and walking the dogs around Burke Lake.

I went to the gym on Saturday morning, then came home to chill for awhile.  Penny came over on her motorcycle and we headed over to an open house in honor of the month-old son of one of Penny's coworkers at the gym.  I actually knew a couple people there and everyone was pretty friendly, so it was OK.  The house in question is one of those funky older houses with an incredible yard that you get in the older sections of Falls Church and Arlington.  We stayed about an hour.

From there we rode out to Lovettsville to hang out at the B&B with our friends Beth and Spencer.  We chatted with some of their guests until they went off to dinner in various places, then Beth and Spencer whipped up a little something for the four of us that was really good.  We left after eight but there was still light for most of the hour plus ride home.  I love this time of year.

Sunday morning we got up reasonably early to walk the dogs around Burke Lake.  The ground was a little muddy in places, but at least there weren't too many bicycles around.*

Later in the day we rode down to Fredericksburg to have an early dinner at a Japanese steak house for our friend Stephanie from Morton's BMW.
Her birthday is next week and we wanted to take her out somewhere.

One event of note to come out of this weekend is that Penny rode my K1200LT in a parking lot both days.  She wants to practice more with it before she tries it on the road since it weighs almost twice as much as her motorcycle, has somewhat different controls, and a lot more complex instrumentation.

*I used to ride my bike around Burke lake, either during the middle of the weekdays while I was in college, or immediately after work on weekdays when working full time.  There isn't enough room to ride at all aggressively on the trail when it's full of walkers, joggers, dogs, kids, etc.  Unfortunately, some people still try.

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