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Today's ride - Dan the Serene
June 14th, 2009
09:23 pm


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Today's ride
today's group consisted of Penny, Chris, his Karen, and Penny's friend Karlene. Karlene is a very experienced passenger but only recently took the rider's class and got her endorsement. She also just bought a very nice '02 Harley Sportster (which I must have stood next to for about 20 minutes all told without ever taking a picture of it). today she elected to passenger, so she rode with me. Chris and his Karen rode his Street Glide, and Penny rode her bike solo.

We met up in Springfield and took all the back roads we could out to Middleburg. We stopped at Salamander Market for an excellent lunch and some hanging out time. From there we rode down to Warrenton, then back by way of Nokesville. It was a beautiful ride on a beautiful day.

I have only ridden two up on a couple occasions, and never with an experienced passenger. As I said, Karlene is a very good passenger and I really enjoyed driving her around. With the proper tire inflation and adjustment to the suspension, the LT is even more stately with a passenger. We just flowed all over northern Virginia.

Chris and his Karen peeled off at Nokesville, so the three of us stopped in a parking lot in Manassas so Karlene could try Penny's bike and Penny could try mine. This was Penny's third time riding the LT in parking lots, and she is really getting the hang of the extra size and weight. See the photo.

I wish I could have taken more pictures, and I would have liked one of Karlene and me leaning into a turn or something, but when your busy doing stuff it's a drag to stop to take pictures of it. I'll get some more on future trips.

Here is a link to a couple from today.

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