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A Moscow regret - Dan the Serene
April 9th, 2010
12:52 am


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A Moscow regret
I was just watching Alice Deejay's video for "The lonely one", which was filmed in central Moscow and played extensively on MTV UK, which was a channel I got in my apartment.  I recognize most of the sites used, including the Kurskaya Metro station, which is an amazing structure.

Each Metro station in the Moscow system is unique, and many of them are beautiful.  Except the one where I lived, which was drab and boring, but what do you expect from a station called Proletarskaya?

Anyway, we had an excellent local guide we would use when we had visitors, but I never took a tour of Metro stations.  While I traveled through many of them at various times, I wish I had done an organized tour with a guide to really get to know them.

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