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Random traffic encounter - Dan the Serene
June 8th, 2011
09:39 pm


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Random traffic encounter
I was crossing the street with my dogs this evening. The sun was down but it was still fairly light out. Crossing this road is interesting, because one of my dogs doesn't move very fast and traffic often does. It is a two lane feeder roads with a number of cul de sacs coming off it, with hills and turns,and a speed limit of 35 mph. Because some see it as a shortcut (most of the time it isn't ,really) between two four lane roads, actual speeds average 45+ most of the time.
In this particular instance, I saw the car coming over the top of the hill to my right just after I entered the road, but I continued on anyway. This required the car to slow down somewhat but not stop, and she saw me in plenty of time so it was a non-event. Until she decided to make it one by stopping in the middle of the road behind me as I proceeded up the sidewalk to yell, "I almost hit you! Please be more careful!", in a wonderfully passive-aggressive tone, to which I cheerfully yelled back, "Do 35, I'll have plenty of time!"

I can be such an a**hole sometimes, expecting to cross a residential street at a walking pace without being run over. Between walking the dogs and the game of Frogger I must play every working day between my office and the garage I'm required to park in (four lane divided road, a painted crosswalk but no traffic light or signage, 30 mph limit, average speed around 50), I'm more likely to end up a pedestrian statistic than a motorcycle one.

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