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Thoughts on Gun Walker - Dan the Serene
July 10th, 2011
09:22 pm


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Thoughts on Gun Walker
If you're still trying very hard to believe that Operation Gun Walker was a legitimate attempt to reduce Mexican drug cartel violence by reducing the "flow" of weapons from the US, consider this. The stated purpose of the exercise is based on the premise that international smugglers, who own whole units of the Mexican police and army, who move thousands of tons of drugs across every border in the western hemisphere, who can buy container ships' worth of weapons from all over the world, choose to buy semiautomatics at full retail price a handful at a time in the US.

This is why we knew it was bullshit from the moment the Obama administration brought out their "90% of recovered weapons in Mexico are of US origin" lie. True, small timers might do a bit of trafficking in stolen weapons from the US to supply other small timers, but before ATF became the biggest smuggler on the border there was no way the US retail market was supplying more than trace amounts of the cartel controlled weapons in Mexico.

We need to remember this as the scandal continues to unfold. Even if if were 100% successful, Gun Walker never would have touched the big players nor made a noticeable dent in the Mexican violent crime. There is no justification possible for this operation and no reasonable explanation for it other than to advance the cause of anti-RKBA forces in the US, who have suffered nothing but reversals both in the legislatures and the courts, by "proving" that retail gun sales caused crime *somewhere*.

When you think about it, it's exactly the same technique advertisers have been using for years to sell personal hygiene products. A fear is created where none existed before and they just happen to have the solution to the problem you never knew you had until they told you.

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Date:July 11th, 2011 02:40 pm (UTC)
Very nice post. Mind if I link to it?
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Date:July 11th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
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