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The joys of air travel - Dan the Serene
August 23rd, 2011
10:52 pm


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The joys of air travel
Our flight on Friday from IAD to SEA should have taken about six hours. Our flight time was about on. However,
Due to weather conditions in other parts of the country, we went wheels up 3 hours and 51 minutes after scheduled departure. The plane sat at the gate almost all of that time. We had the option to leave the plane and come back, so it wasn't as bad as being stuck on the tarmac, but it was still a real drag.
To add insult to injury, we waited 20 minutes on the runway for an open gate upon arrival. Instead of getting there in time to meet up and hang out with our friend, we landed near midnight, then had an hour drive to her house. I got to bed around 04:30 eastern time.
Today, our flight was delayed before we'd even arrived at the airport for 30 minutes for "operational" reasons. That was enough to blow our connection in Denver (where I am now) so we won't leave here until after 22:00. We called to make sure the Hertz desk would still be manned after 11:30, then I get to drive to the B&B. Another late night, indeed.
For our next trick, we are scheduled to return home on Saturday afternoon, which should be when Irene blows into town. We will probably have to change or flight a day forward or a day back.
At some point I will write of the many positive things about the trip and maybe post a few photos.
It's brief because it's BlackBerry

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Date:August 24th, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)

And you missed the earthquake! At least you'll be home in time for the hurricane

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