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I am a punk - Dan the Serene
February 26th, 2012
09:11 am


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I am a punk
I used to give blood on a regular basis when I could do it at work. For some reason, my agency stopped doing it last year. Since then, I've gotten emails and robocalls on a regular basis asking me to donate again, but I haven't followed up.
A couple weeks ago, I got a call from a Red Cross person that there would be a donation at my local fire station today, so I said I would do a double red donation. I think of them as being more efficient, because the recovery period is twice as long as for whole blood donation so I only have to go half as often.
Unfortunately, I missed three days of work last week due to illness. I tried to tell myself I was well enough to donate, but I may even still have a low fever to go with a nasty cough and general fatigue. There is a strong chance they'd send me home even if I tried to go in. At any rate, I've missed my appointment.
I really wanted to get started again. As an experienced whole blood and double red donor who is O+ and CMV negative, I'm pretty sure they'll forgive me for missing this one and let me know about future opportunities.

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