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Pistol thoughts - Dan the Serene
July 2nd, 2012
09:19 pm


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Pistol thoughts
I used at least half a dozen different 1911A1 pistols during my time in the Military Police (’83-’86). I remember one that was marked Remington Rand, and the one I carried most of my time in Korea was made by the Singer corp. The worst I ever used was the one I qualified with for the first time in MP school. The rear sight was so loose that turning the weapon 90 degrees would almost make it fall out of the groove. Firing 35 yards prone, I was reduced to sighting down the slide. I did very well to qualify at all, but was very bitter that I couldn’t qualify as Expert.
That was my first real introduction to the idea that the Army is much more interested in having everyone pass the minimum than in having any particular soldier excel. I tried appealing to my 1st Sgt., who was acting as a range officer immediately behind me, during the course of fire, but he told me to keep going. Since I qualified at the lowest level I didn’t get another chance that day. Even if I had, the first score would have counted. That was the worst handgun qualification I have ever shot. It still bothers me to think about it (obviously).

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Date:July 3rd, 2012 06:00 am (UTC)
I shot an armory rack grade 1911 that ejected a live round behind every shell casing, so that one shot would eject two things. I had to pick up the live rounds to put them back into the gun and try again. Seriously disheartening!
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