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Another day in NYC - Dan the Serene
September 3rd, 2012
05:03 pm


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Another day in NYC

This is a very impressive piece of reporting. Neighbors reported shots were fired and this guy’s house got searched. They found two real pistols, a bunch of toys, and some ammo. In NYC, this is an “arsenal”. Look at the photo. Most of that stuff is "airguns", whatever that means in this context. it reminds me of the time CBP put a "50 caliber rifle" with a camo-painted stock right in the center of a photo op, without mentioning it was a blackpowder deer rifle, not a .50 BMG.
Note that the article does not say the man was charged with firing any shots, only that he was arrested after the search, though we are expected to put that together ourselves.
In answer to an interviewed neighbor asking, “Is all this stuff real?” the answer is “No, most of it is not”.
A report, a search, charges under draconian and unconstitutional laws, a sensationalist and factually incorrect “news” article. Business as usual in NYC.

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