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Busy morning so far - Dan the Serene
January 4th, 2013
07:31 am


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Busy morning so far
We spent all of yesterday packing and prepping. I took the dogs to the doggie spa so they'll be out of the way and not so traumatized. When they come home tonight, they'll be coming to the new house.
The movers should be there at 8:30. Penny will be directing traffic. I am sitting at the new house waiting for the gas tech to show up. The sellers had it turned off on closing day and this was the fastest we could turn it back on. It is 41 inside. The appointment window I was offered was 0700 - 1200. The furniture may be here by the time the gas is on and the heater and water heater start working.
Electricity wasn't interrupted. Water wasn't interrupted. Cable gave us a choice of days and arrived and almost finished within a two hour appointment window. Gas is a PITA in comparison, but what's my other choice?
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