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"Shutdown" weirdness - Dan the Serene
October 1st, 2013
07:08 pm


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"Shutdown" weirdness
Today was my first day back in the office after six days of leave, mostly spent on vacation on Cape Cod.

My division (Information Assurance and Cyber Security, formerly known as IT Security) has 20+ feds and several times that in contractors. We started with a full compliment, but by 10:00 all but three feds had been sent home. All of the contractors stayed. I normally work in an office park eight miles away from HQ and closer to my house, but starting tomorrow all contractors report to HQ until further notice. It's a good thing the weather is nice because I hate driving there and will ride my motorcycle down the HOV lanes whenever possible.

Ironically, I would volunteer for PTO or LWOP while this all goes on, but my team is two feds and me, which means that until further notice I am the only IA Policy team member working.

HOV = High Occupancy Vehicle, AKA Carpool Lanes, which also allow motorcycles.
PTO = Paid Time Off, like vacation and sick leave lumped together in one pot.
LWOP = Leave WithOut Pay.

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