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Running for Sheriff as a "Woman" - Dan the Serene
November 2nd, 2013
05:24 pm


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Running for Sheriff as a "Woman"
The Fairfax County Democrat candidate for Sheriff is named Stacey Ann Kincaid. here is her website:

We have a large and well known police department here, so the Sheriff runs the very expensive jail, protects the courts, and does civil process.

Here are the issues she lists on her webpage:


I’m Stacey Kincaid, and as you know I am running for the Office of the Sheriff of Fairfax. The responsibility of the Sheriff is managing the Adult Detention Center, providing security in the courthouse and serving civil law process.

  • As an elected officer, the Sheriff is in a unique position to cultivate a close relationship with citizens. I recognize that there is nothing more crucial to the success of a law enforcement agency than the partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. By embracing the philosophy of collaborative community service, the Sheriffs Office will be able to work with citizens to create a safer community. I have learned that to be effective, the Sheriffs Office cannot operate alone; we require the inclusion of this community. Your active support and assistance in our mission is critical to improving the service I intend to provide.
  • The key to maintaining that support is the recognition that law enforcement agencies must reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. Every day, our deputies come into contact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic classes, religions, sexual orientations, and physical and mental abilities. Each of these groups brings a different perspective to community relations and, as a result, our deputies must be prepared to respond to each group appropriately. Failure to recognize and adjust to the rich diversity of our community can foster resentment among citizens and lead to a breakdown in the bond of trust between a law enforcement agency and its community.
  • Diversity is as important to me as it is to the citizens that I will serve. When I became a Deputy Sheriff in 1987, women were underrepresented in policing. The same can be said of many other underrepresented groups as well. The Fairfax Sheriff’s Office has been slow to adapt to the change. No longer can values be self serving. It is my belief that the Office of the Sheriff must face  up to the evolving needs of the community and the expectations placed upon its top leadership. I am committed to developing new strategies and approaches that can be used to increase our effectiveness and, in turn, better serve our community. I am deeply committed to equal protection of the rights of all members of our community.
  • I have been and remain committed to promoting diversity, seeking feedback from our citizens, and providing the best law enforcement service to the County, the City of Fairfax, and the Towns of Vienna and Herndon. I ask you to trust my efforts to promote diversity, transparency and professionalism, thereby enhancing the vital relationship between citizens and police officers in your community.
- See more at: http://staceykincaid.com/issues/#sthash.DIaGxBo1.dpuf
[emphasis added]

Four bullets. Four uses of the word "Diversity", three in the first sentence and one of those as the first word.

Nothing about the War on Drugs, Bill of Rights, administration of the jail, or any other issue a sheriff might be expected to address. She really is running as "not a man", and she's still white which brings her up short on purely diversity-based grounds. She should be unelectable on her Issues, but she's the Democrat candidate so she has a legitimate shot at it.

Politics is complete crap.

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