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Do you need/want a chain saw in Virginia? - Dan the Serene
May 23rd, 2014
05:57 pm


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Do you need/want a chain saw in Virginia?


also a business toolNext week Virginia celebrates a week-long tax holiday to encourage residents to purchase supplies useful for hurricane preparedness. Mostly, items eligible to be exempt from sales tax have to cost under $60 (things like batteries, flashlights, radios, and duct tape). You can also buy a portable generator or inverter power cables up to a cost of $1,000. Most importantly, starting this year chain saws and chain saw accessories (of up to a cost of $350) are also eligible under the tax holiday.

From the Virginia government's list of "qualified items":

Gas-powered chain saws with a selling price of $350 or less and chain saw accessories with a sales price of $60 or less may be purchased exempt of the Retail Sales and Use Tax. The following is an all-inclusive list of the items that are deemed "chain saw accessories":

• Chains

• Chain saw bar and nose lubricants

• Two-cycle motor oil

• Chain sharpeners and files

• Bars

• Wrenches

• Carrying cases and scabbards

• Safety apparel, including chaps, gloves, hearing protectors, helmets, and

protective glasses

• Repair parts

Check out the whole list here.

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