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I hate dealing with the circuit court - Dan the Serene
July 23rd, 2014
11:50 am


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I hate dealing with the circuit court
The only time I do is when I renew my Concealed Handgun Permit. The first and central problem is right there in the name. Jumping through arbitrary and capricious bureaucratic hoops to get permission to exercise a right enumerated in the state and federal constitutions tends to make me grumpy on principle, but dealing with the circuit court is like traveling back in time. No electronic transactions at all. Two notarized copies of the application and  current permit ‎. Fee of $50, Cash, check, or credit card in person, money order only by mail. Self addressed stamped envelope.  I am terrified I missed a check box and they'll grind to a halt until I perform a labor of Hercules to get them going again. The court house complex covers several blocks and public parking is several hundred yards from the entrance. Metal detectors. I think you can take your phone inside now, but there was a strict no cameras policy that resulted in piles of phones at the checkpoint. 
The law allows 45 days to respond. It took 56 last time around, and I dropped off in person.
In contrast, everything is automated at the county department of taxation. It already knows what you're paying for. A small fee to process credit cards, free for electronic check transfers.
It's all about priorities and they can all zark off. 
Constitutional carry is the only acceptable form.

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