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Feeding the Fitbit - Dan the Serene
February 22nd, 2015
05:59 pm


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Feeding the Fitbit
I got a Fitbit Flex from my parents for Christmas. It's a neat little device, mostly a three axis accelerometer, a clock, and a low power Bluetooth connection for syncing, as well as a couple LED lights to get your status from the device and a pretty good dashboard to get more information from you smart phone or browser. I wore it for about a month until the Fitbit Charge HR came out, and regifted the Flex to my niece.
The Charge HR is a much more capable device, with additional sensors and an actual display to show you how you're doing in a couple areas throughout the day. Since I use a Blackberry, this is a big help since the only way I could get more information than a couple lights from the Flex was to sync with my PC at home.
I really like being able to track my activity, and it inspires me to do extra stuff, like take a walk during the day at work. I call it, "feeding the Fitbit", whenever I do something active for the purpose of improving my stats.
Today I shoveled a *lot* of snow. Having a corner lot with almost 200 feet of sidewalk is quite a workout. We also have a two car driveway, a fire hydrant, a ramp to the street on the corner, and I clear enough of the street in front of the mailbox that the mail carrier doesn't have to exit the vehicle to reach our box. Our mailbox is currently just before the driveway, but that is going to be relocated this spring.
I said all of that to say that this was the best day for my Fitbit stats,evar. I still have to walk the dogs again tonight. I am going to try my best to stay awake until it's time to go down for the night. We'll see if I make it.

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